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Our mission is to help traditional radios to maximize the value of their digital audio inventory, and improve the knowledge they have about their audience.

In a world with multiple channels, Publishers must adapt to the natural evolution of the consumption of content. As digital radio audiences grow, traditional radios' audiences remain flat.

To be competitive in the actual market, Publishers need to develop digital strategies that identify and involve their audiences.

The digital audio inventory is a very valuable asset to Publishers that seek to develop innovative and attractive experiences for users and advertisers.

Coverage and sales force in the region

With offices in Miami, México, Argentina, Colombia, Brasil, Venezuela, Peru, Chile and Uruguay, we have more than 40 sales people specialized in the Digital Industry with excellent relationships with the most relevant advertisers and media agencies in the region.

Coverage and sales force in the region

Revenue Maximization

Diversify your monetization strategy with a Digital Audio offer. allows Publishers to have the capacity to serve ads and to connect the advertiser with the adequate audience, with tools that allow to target through demographic, geographic and tecnologic variables.

Revenue Maximization


Audio.Ad allows publishers the capacity to measure, track and understand their audience's preferences better than ever.




Get a better knowledge about the behavior of your streaming audience

New insights to sell better

» Consumption stats

» Demographic profiling of the audience

» Demographic segmentation in campaigns

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