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Our mission is to provide brands with the major advertising reach in Digital Audio platforms in Latin America and the hispanic markets in the US.


Current reality

Finding your target audience has become an increasingly difficult situation in the real world, and in case you have achieved it, keeping their attention is yet another challenge.

The digital landscape is evolving, and digital audio advertising is part of that evolution and paradigm shift, as it represents a unique opportunity for advertisers to combine the precision of audience targeting and the emocional connection to audio messages.


Tells a story about your brand

Digital Audio allows advertisers to communicate through voice and music. An image could be worth more than a thousand words, but can it explain who you are, the added value it generates, or why your brand is relevant? A carefully crafted audio message can do precisely that.

It generates an emotional connection

Digital Audio Advertising uses voices and sounds to generate emotion. This kind of advertising shows our capacity to keep information inside, both consciously and subconsciously.

Place yourself above the rest of the Digital Advertising offers

With just one Digital Audio ad heard at once, Advertisers have a truly captive audience. Listeners are less keen to change radio stations, lower the volume, and in many cases they prefer to listen the Digital Audio ads.

Measure your audience's engagement gives the opportunity to measure and do a follow up of audience engagement. Measurement and optimization that allows effective and efficient investment in advertising.


We provide major coverage in Latin America, with over 130 million audio spots played, and 55 million listeners per month.

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