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The centennial format of advertising, with immense importance in the social and economic development of entire continents, accompanied the mobile revolution and was repositioned by media of technology.
Music Streaming services, podcasts, games, apps and audiobooks add strength to the radios and applications of connected TVs, positioning advertising in audio as one of the most relevant and scalable in our industry.


For marketing, the opportunities that arise with the innovations and the evolution of the Audio as media are innumerable.

  • Segmentation Audience, demography, geolocation, personal interests, musical styles and device.
  • Personalization. The intelligence of the data helps to make the personalization more precise, thus obtaining results of the campaigns in real time.
In Content
  • Non-invasive format.The audio does not interfere with the individual's activity at the moment.
  • 100% Everyday. Digital audio is present in an organic, contextualized and immersive way.