Report about the State of Digital Audio in the US Hispanic market 2019

This study is focused on discover what are the digital audio consumption habits of the US Hispanic market.

The sample chosen to carry out the research were 478 cases of Internet surveys conducted on Spanish speakers in the United States from 1 to 7 of January, 2019.

About is a Cisneros Interactive company that provides digital audio advertising solutions to brands and content producers in Latin America and the Hispanic market in the US, allowing advertisers to impact with audio spots in an intelligent and personalized way.

About Qriously:

Qriously is a research platform based in the United Kingdom that accesses one billion users worldwide through online surveys. Qriously helps brands understand the effectiveness of the programmatic purchase of digital audio advertising. Organizations such as Spotify, Airbnb and the NYPD use their platform to provide information in real time.

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