AUDIOTRADE is a platform for buying DIGITAL AUDIO in multiple channels in a centralized way, including the possibility to segment audiences, generate detailed reports, optimizing the purchase of media according to the needs and objectives of each client.

This is the first DSP focused exclusively on digital audio that has emerged in Latin America and has global reach.

How does an Audio DSP work?

The DSP is currently working with CPL (Cost per Listen) and CPM (Cost per thousand impressions). The platform also has its own digital audio statistics such as LTR (Listening Through Rate), which records the number of spots that were heard at 100%.

Audiotrade Benefits

We offer the following features on our platform:

Detailed reports

Reports with opening by Publishers.

Simple and centralized invoicing

AUDIOTRADE allows you to order all your purchase online.

Inside platform:

General Dashboard

Visualization of detailed campaigns including critical information: monthly delivery, total expenditure, eCPM.

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